Know the Background: Get a vehicle maintenance history report. Two of the leading websites for history reports are AutoCheck or CarFax. It’s a good concept to get a report from each locations so you don’t skip any issues. Getting a history report is cheap insurance coverage. A “problem verify” will determine if the utilized car has sustained hearth damage or an explosion. It will also show if it has been concerned in a major incident. The hearth or incident might have inflicted a still undetected harm on the used vehicle. It is also fairly creepy to use a vehicle that has cradled lifeless bodies before. A problem verify will expose if the car has been stolen. A vehicle that has been stolen might no lengthier have all its authentic parts.
Check a car history with vin number report PDF for 1993 - Volvo - 240 - YV1AS8803P1403972

Check a car history with vin number report PDF for 1993 - Volvo - 240 - YV1AS8803P1403972 is available

VIN number:  YV1AS8803P1403972 Engine:   2.3L L4 SOHC 8V
Vehicle name:   1993 Volvo 240 Vehicle Trim:  null
Made In:   SWEDEN Style:   SEDAN 4-DR
Check a car history with vin number report PDF for 1993 - Volvo - 240 - YV1AS8803P1403972 is available
Make Volvo
Model Year 1993
Model 240
Engine Series 4-Cyl. 2.3L
Engine Capacity 4 Cylinder, 2.3 L, SOHC
Fuel Type Gasoline
Vehicle Type Passenger Car
Country Sweden
Cinque Terre Cinque Terre Cinque Terre


Vehicle Parts:
Product Type Application Comment OEM Part Number Gates Part Number
Coolant Hose
Cooling System
90? Molded Heater Hose Heater To Pipe - - 28467
Flexible Coolant Hose (Standard) Lower - - 25255
Molded Coolant Hose Lower - - 21219
Flexible Coolant Hose (Standard) Upper - - 25255
Molded Coolant Hose Upper - - 21361
Front End Accessory Drive Components
Belt Drive System
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) A.C. - - 9370
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) A.C. To P.S. - - 7330
High Capacity V-Belt (Standard) Fan & Alt. - - 7365
Fuel Caps & Testers
Fuel System
OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31748
Pre-Release Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31615
Pre-Release Locking Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31734
Regular Locking Fuel Cap Fuel Cap - - 31778
Fuel Cap/System Tester Adapter Fuel Cap Tester Adapter - - 12410
Oil Caps
Oil & Lubrication System
Oil Filler Cap Oil Filler Cap - - 31280
Power Steering Hose
Steering System
Pressure Line Assembly Pressure - - 360660
Return Line Assembly Return - - 360690
Power Steering Repair Kits
Power Steering Repair Kit Pump Complete Rebuilding Kit - - 348489
Power Steering Repair Kit Pump Seal Kit - - 348372
Power Steering Repair Kit Rack & Pinion Seal Kit W/Cam I, Cam II Design - 350910
Radiator Caps & Testers
Cooling System
Radiator Cap/Cooling System Tester Adapter Cooling System Adapter - - 31371
OE Type Radiator Cap Radiator Cap - - 31330
Thermostats, Seals & Gaskets
OE Exact Thermostat Thermostat - - 33978
OE Type Thermostat Thermostat - - 33718
OE Type Thermostat Thermostat - - 33719
Thermostat Seal Thermostat Seal - - 33616
Timing Belts & Components
Belt Drive System
Automotive Timing Belt Cam. Belt - - T234
Timing Component Seal Crankshaft Seal - - KS20466
Timing Belt Component Kit Timing Component Kit - - TCK234
Water Pumps & Components
Cooling System
Water Pump (Standard) Water Pump - - 42309